Wire forming

We have more than a decade of experience in the production of wire and strip elements. The technology developed based on our own engineering concepts and experience, and automated production lines, constitute the WIRE AND STRIP FORMING CENTRE.

At the WIRE AND STRIP FORMING CENTRE we provide complete plastic forming of wires to the following extents:

  • straightening and cutting,
  • wire bending and 3D forming and shaping,
  • chamfering,
  • necking,
  • and flattening.

We employ state of the art technologies. We bend wires on multi-slider CNC machines with 20T presses. Our main raw materials are wires with a diameter of 0.4 - 6 mm. Classification of the raw materials is found here: Material classification of wires.


  • torsion springs and profiled spring elements,
  • tie rods for connection to plastics,
  • pins, clips, locking pins,
  • welded components,
  • rings (rims) for the filtration industry,
  • and other custom-made components and also industrial models.

We offer prototyping, also with tool documentation based on Autodesk Inventor software. We can finish the products by tumble finishing and surface treatment such as: zinc, tin, chrome, and nickel plating.

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